Jul 23 2012

Travel Stories – Japan

A Market in Tokyo Japan

Some shopping in Japan

I will share two memorable incidents that happened to us in Tokyo, Japan:

The first was in a bank where we were exchanging money to yen. When we got to the second floor (this was amazing), the entire floor stopped working and everyone rose and remained standing until we left and then they bowed.

The second thing that happened, we were on a bus in the middle of the night and as we were traveling we wound up at the Central Terminal where I got off and went in to speak to the head of the bus line as he spoke English.

While I was in there, the bus took off with Erin the only passenger on the bus was hidden behind the drivers curtain reading a book. When she realized the bus took off she stood up and scared the hell out of the driver. He made a u-turn and raced back to the station.

When everyone knew what happened, the station manager asked where we were going and I couldn’t remember the name of the hotel. Fortunately, I learned a very important lesson; I was still smoking at that time and I had taken some matches from the hotel. Guess what? The name of the hotel was on it. No matter where I am staying in the world I take some matchbooks or letterhead with me.

The manager took us outside and stopped a bus loaded with passengers and told the driver to take us directly to our hotel, which he did and we were very thankful. We have never received this courteous of treatment anywhere in the world. Especially France.

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