Oct 06 2012

Travel Stories – Korea and Back

The next plane we caught in our world travels wound up in Korea where the living expense was very cheap, thank God because we were stuck there for a while. We found a small hotel close to the base and they spoke English. Unfortunately, they would see us more times than we wished. Language translation was still a problem. Being close to a base several people spoke English.

Korea - Chinhae - Erin leaving on military paratrooper plane

Erin on the plane.

Murphy forgot to tell us that several military personnel traveled to Korea to shop for Christmas and all of them had a higher status than we had for catching a plane. This caused a two and a half day delay.

We learned the best place to eat was from the people cooking in the streets. If they were boiling a stew or something we felt that it would be safe. Once something crawled out of my bowl; that did it for me.

When we finally caught a plane it was a parachute jumpers plane, no frills. Erin can verify this. The seats were webbing on the sides of the plane. The women and kids sat up front as there was only one toilet and the men used a hanging urinal. When we landed in Okinawa, all the women ran across the runway to the terminal toilets.

After spending the night in a very nice room on the base, we returned to Alaska. When we arrived back in Anchorage, Alaska the customs (a kind, loving man) held everyone on the plane for two hours while they tried to figure out if Erin was a terrorist. We were not very popular with everyone else on the plane.

Erin being a Canadian citizen and working in the United States had not brought her green card, even though she had her military identification, passport and driver’s license.

When we finally got off the plane, they took Erin into an interrogation room for a half hour.

I told him I would fly back to the states and get her card. He said that would not help. I said, “Why not let her catch a bus to Canada?” No dice.

When she finally broke down and cried they let her join me. And our kind custom officer wanted to join us for a beer. Guess what my answer was.


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