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Oct 12 2012

Travel Stories – London

London, England, Len and Erin's Bus

When we returned to Sacramento we decided to cool our world travels for a while.

Our next world adventure was to Europe in the summer of 1989. We only had 30 days and we could not wait for a military flight. We bought tickets to England and a 20 day Euro train pass which activates the first time you use it. The Europass was not usable in England.

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Oct 06 2012

Travel Stories – Korea and Back

Korea - Chinhae - Erin leaving on military paratrooper plane

The next plane we caught in our world travels wound up in Korea where the living expense was very cheap, thank God because we were stuck there for a while. We found a small hotel close to the base and they spoke English. Unfortunately, they would see us more times than we wished. Language translation was still a problem. Being close to a base several people spoke English.

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Jul 23 2012

Travel Stories – Japan

A Market in Tokyo Japan

Some shopping in Japan

I will share two memorable incidents that happened to us in Tokyo, Japan:

The first was in a bank where we were exchanging money to yen. When we got to the second floor (this was amazing), the entire floor stopped working and everyone rose and remained standing until we left and then they bowed.

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